Energy Aware Routing in Multi-radio Multi-channel Heterogeneous Networks

The concept of mesh networks brings many challenges to the research community when designing such system. In addition, allowing the physical mobility of the nodes in the network makes matter even more complicated. The nature of the limited resources that each node has makes a more efficient communication of prime importance. In this research we explore new ideas to expand the lifetime of the network, while maintaining acceptable network performance. First we explore the notion of a centralized network, where a server has information regarding the state of the network. This can be compared to the functionality of current Software Defined Networks, which collect this information and updates parameters in each node of the network. Another line of thought is to have a distributed routing protocol, in which each node has only limited amount of information, and decides by itself the best path to send a packet. The protocol uses a novel link-metric designed to account for both link utilization, as well as the battery charge of the nodes.